What type of pools do you specialize in?

At Paradium Pools, there is truly no limit to the pool construction that we can design, build and customize. On our team of experts we have civil engineers, industrial engineers, architects and licensed contractors with over 30 years experience in the industry! There is no "set/standard" shape. We work with our clients to offer above ground pools, vinyl lined pools, concrete poured pools, spas, hot tubs and more!

What is the average Turn Around Time I can expect for a pool construction project?

Turn around time for your pool project will vary depending on the size of the pool and the level of customized details, add-ons.
Steps taken for a new pool construction project
1) Dig out the shape of the pool 
2) Install rough plumbing equipment
3) Reinforce the surface with a rebar cage
4) Complete and Pass an inspection (reliant on inspectors schedule and availability)
5) Install the pool liner (1-2 days, weather permitting)
6) Add tile coating, stone and decorative elements
7) Build a surrounding platform using your preferred materials

  • Variety of options include: Artificial turf, Stone work, Decking, Retaining walls, Custom landscaping, Blue stone, Stamped concrete, Travertine, Fflagstone, Pavers and more!
  • 8) Apply a finish and add water
    Project Complete!

    What are the benefits or working with your company over competitors?

    At Paradium Pools, we offer a one-stop shop for all of your pool construction needs. From start to finish, none of the work is subbed out. This allows us to offer tight turn around times and quality work that we know is dependable! Not too mention, we use cutting edge technology and partner with NPT's digital showroom that will allow customers to pre-design their pool project and see a 3D model of the completed project before we start digging!

    What type of products do you use?

    Is there a particular brand you recommend? As a licensed & qualified Jandy professional, we work with all Jandy -Premium Professional-Grade Equipment for all of our pool needs. From water pumps, filters, hearts, lights and automation solutions, we trust Jandy to provide reliable equipment, backed with their company warranty.

    What types of special features can you include with my pool design?

    There are truly an unlimited number of feature options that are available with upgrading or designing a pool construction project. Some of the features available include -- waterfalls, firebowls, water fire bowl, grottos, infinity edge, jacuzzi jets, in-pool bars and seating, fountains, custom lighting w/automation services that you can control from your phone! If you can dream it, we can design it!

    Do I have to be there while you work?

    No, you do not need to be present while Paradium Pools is working on site. The owner Grant is on site for every job overseeing construction and keeping everyone on track time wise! We just ask if their are pets we need to be aware of that they please be put up during construction time and if there are any community security gates or gate codes we need to be aware of that we have those in advance.

    Can you provide a facelift or upgrade to my current pool?

    Absolutely! We can come inspect the current pool and provide you with several options regarding resurfacing, pump repairs and pool filter upgrades to a full blown pool make-over, including adding new features, lighting, waterfalls, pool deck or even landscaping options!

    How do I know if I need a pool repair?

    Some signs to look for when trying to determine if it is time for your pool to get a face lift include... Cracked walls. When the walls of your concrete swimming pool are beginning to show cracks, you have a problem that needs immediate attention! Unclean water. Worn or Peeling plaster (bare or thin spots in the plaster itself). Very cold water/temperature is not adjusting properly. Broken or cracked lights.